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Water Mains


Commonly the main source of water supplied to your property is usually by the connection of the water main which is a service pipe. The pipe can be located underground and connects to the water meter. This allows for both the water provider and property owner to read the exact amount of water used. Water mains need to be regularly checked as if pipes are leaking in your property the provider can charge you for all wasted water. 

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When checking water mains:

Most property owners aim to save as much money as possible especially when it comes to water consumption. While having regular checks on taps maybe beneficial, regular checks on water mains may give assurance on possible water leakage. You'll find a water meter somewhere on the boundary of your property. As water passes through the water meter, it turns a wheel to record the volume of water you'll be billed for.

When checking the meter, insure all taps on the premise are off as this could be strong indicator of leaking water mains if the meter continues to tick.

If leaking in water main is found:

After checking the water mains and you believe there may be a leakage in the water main you can follow these few steps to help protect further damage and reduce the cost of wasted water. If there is a water leak outside the boundary of your property, notify the council to come fix the leak.
  • Firstly is it important to turn off the water flow to prevent further wastage or damage.
  • Secondly you'll find a water toby (or shut valve) near the water meter.
  • Finally once you've turned off the water at the toby, give Oborn Plumbing a call to come and locate the leak and repair it.
Repairing water mains:

Once we arrive on the property we find the location of the leak this may at times be easily found. When locating a damaged pipe is not easy to see with the naked eye, as specialist plumbers we are equipped with the gadgets that allow us to locate the pipe and repair. When it comes to repairing a damaged water main we can handle the different tasks such as cutting and replacing the concrete and digging trenches for new pipes. Have any question regarding water mains don’t hesitate to contact us.

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