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Oborn Plumbing team is highly proficient and are able to install any tank, whether the tank requires to be installed underground or above ground level. We can handle it for you. Providing our knowledge on which tank is recommended for your requirements is just part and parcel with our services. 

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  • The Septic Tanks – are small-scale sewage treatment systems which are commonly found in areas with no connection to main sewage pipes provided by local governments or private corporations.  Household liquid waste flows from the house into the septic tank where the sewage undergoes a settlement process and is partially treated by bacteria.
  • Underground/Above Ground Tanks – aesthetics aside under or above ground tanks is an important decision to make as regulations increase to protect our environment. Underground tanks are commonly used to store hazards fluids and above are commonly used for water storage.
  • Retention/Detention Tanks – more and more households are using tanks as a main source or backup of water supply. Retention tanks are great way to save money whilst being environmentally friendly. Retention tanks catch rain water and stores in tank for household use, and any overflow usually run off to the council storm water system.
    Detention tanks on the other hand are designed to slow down the flow of storm water. The storm water enters the tank through an inlet and then filters out through a small opening at the bottom of the tank. 
  • Water Storage Tanks – come in wide range of sizes intended for residential, commercial and even farming purposes. Water storage tanks are a great way of been economical and having a secure source of water in case of an emergence event.
  • Header Tanks – are a storage system placed at high level to allow to gravity feed water throughout the premise. As with all tanks available, header tanks come in different sizes so can accommodate to your requirements.

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