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Roofing and Spouting


Your property is an extreme investment that needs maintenance to ensure the value is maintained or increased. With the unpredictable weather in Auckland it is important to be peace at mind when it comes to insuring your property has no damage to the roof or spouts, as these damages could lead to further damages in the property. Roofing and spouts need regular cleaning as blockage may a cause of other unwanted damage.

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Here at Oborn Plumbing we are able to repair galvanised, coated steel or tile roof leaks for you whilst ensuring your spouting and downpipes are unblocked and don't have any leaks once completion of repairs.

Water Leaks:

Firstly signs of water leaks are easily noticed when regular checks of the property are done. When signs are noticed of leaks, stains and even mould on ceiling it is important to act fast to stop further damage occurring.  In pointing out the leakage it is important to understand that water travels further than you may think, so finding the spot requires a specialist like us.

We Repair or Replace Leaking Roofs:

When leakage is identified call Oborn Plumbing as we are able to repair or replace leaking roofs. We ensure to keep your mind at rest by using highly recommended products when repairing and are able to provide a recommendation when it comes to selecting new roofing by keeping your requirement and budget at mind.

Spouting Repairs and Replacements available:
  • Fixing leaks as well as removing blockages on plastic, galvanized, Colour Steel and copper spouting.  
  • Spouting alterations or additions.
  • We can replace internal and external gutters where needed.

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