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Plumbing Maintenance North Shore


Why wait till you need a solution, when the problem can be avoided? Here at Oborn Plumbing we offer a maintenance service which provides an experts eye and the aid of technology, to help foresee and prevent problems form occurring.

Our plumbing maintenance services can help you avert wasting water; damage caused by leaking water and most of all avoid the emergency callout costs. By having regular check-ups on the following list, will help assure your plumbing in your home or business is well maintained. 

St Mary's Bay 19
  • Taps – examining all taps and tap washer’s, repairing what needs to be repaired.
  • Shower mixers/shower trays – ensuring all mixers are providing precise pressure and trays are not showing signs of damage, so you can keep enjoying your shower time.
  • Hot water cylinders/valves – checking your supply and ensuring the right pressure is been used, whilst checking valves as well in turn will help prevent unnecessary costs.
  • All types of pumps – we have expertise’s that are able to check and provide solutions to all types of pumps.
  • Water mains – making sure all pipes have no leaks or signs of damage. CCTV camera for all types of waste/stormwater pipes to locate damaged/blocked pipes.
  • Sewer/stormwater pipes – checking all the stormwater and sewer pipes clear, thus reducing the risk of flooding.

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