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Drainage Unblocking North Shore


Oborn Plumbers are specialist in the industry when it comes to laying new drainage. We have experts who are able to design the best drainage systems for your property. We have the resources and ability to do dig-outs for foundation footings or house water-proofing, whilst been able to do concrete works as well.

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Overflow of water occurring in the sink or toilet? Blockage may be caused by different faults such as clogged outflow pipes; drain pipes or further down the system in the drain itself. Blocked drains are a priority fix, as unsanitary water may pose a health risk if not taken care of. Drain maintenance is highly recommended to reduce the risks of such worries from occurring.

Our team of professionals can service plumbing blockages above ground. Servicing faults from waste water pipes in your shower to baths and basins. We are also able to service; kitchen sinks, laundry tubs and to the large drain pipes they feed into, as well as toilet drainage pipes.

In addition to unblocking waste water outflow and drainage pipes above ground we can clear blocked stormwater drains and septic tanks for you. Our professional team can also replace damaged pipes when needed.

We are equipped with technology such as CCTV camera equipment and drain locator device which can be used to identify the problem. From our experience the following may be some of the main causes of blocked drains that need CCTV equipment to help point out the problem; tree roots, displaced pipes, misalignment and old drains collapsing.

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